King James Bible and the Fundamental Truths

There is an interesting point to consider for those who relentlessly attack the King James Bible and its defenders that is those who believe that the King James Bible is the inspirred and the preserved word of God for the English speaking people. It is an indisputable fact that, unlike other Christians, the vast majority of the King James Bible believers defend all the following teachings that every Christian should acknowledge as the fundamental truths taught in the Scriptures:
—> The virgin birth of Jesus Christ.
—> The deity of Jesus Christ.
—> The substitutionary death for sins made by Jesus Christ.
—> The bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ.
—> Salvation by faith alone without works.
—> The Premillennial return and reign of Jesus Christ.
—> The existence of a literal Heaven.
—> The existence of a literal Hell.
—> The acceptance of Creation over the religion of evolution.

By the way, this is not a comprehensive list of the fundamental truths revealed to us by God of the Bible. I can also clearly see that those who rely solely on the King James Bible are also most likely to defend:
—> The pre-tribulation rapture of the Church. (Nevertheless, I sincerely admit that there are very good arguments on both sides – pre-trib and post-trib.)
—> The 70 weeks of Daniel – the key to the end time prophecy, as pointed by Jesus Christ.
—> The right for the Jews to the historical land of Israel as promised by God to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and his physical descendants.
—> Baptism upon the confession of faith by immersion.

Now that’s truly amazing. It is obvious that no King James Bible believer is a Catholic (that would be a greater miracle than raising Lazarus from the dead). The King James Bible believers are also most likely to expose the horrors of Catholic Inquisition which terrorized Europe for centuries. Can you imagine a catholic priest exposing the Catholic Inquisition? Today a Christian hardly ever hears in his church anything about any of literally millions of martyrs who gave their lives for their faith in our Saviour Jesus Christ. More often one hears about his or that theologian or about his or that ‘church father’.

And why would that be? We live in the time where God’s word is being relentlessly attacked like never before. Tragically, the King James Bible, the true Protestant Bible is being rejected by a lot of pastors who prefer Catholic Bibles or so-called Protestant Bibles like NIV, RSV, NASV, which in reality are Catholic Bibles for Protestants. In my humble opinion one of the proofs why the King James Bible is the inspired and the preserved word of God in English is that it is hated and ridiculed even by those who call themselves Christians. Martin Luther, John Calvin, John Knox and Roger Williams must be turning in their graves.

I am surprised that so many good people fail to see the dangers hidden behind the modern perversions of the bible and ridicule those who put a great deal of effort to warn their brothers and sisters in Christ about it. For me, as a native Polish and a former Catholic, it is beyond my comprehension how a Protestant and an English speaking person can put his trust in any modern version of the Bible at the expense of the King James Bible. May the Lord help all Christians to see the truth on this issue. One last thought. One of the reasons why there is so much confusion about what Christianity is all about is because we have got so many different bible versions today. As fas as I am concerned I cling to my precious KING JAMES BIBLE.