The Flood Legend According to the Rotti from Timor

Once, the sea-god became angry with mankind and rotti_timordecided to flood the whole earth. In fact, the entire earth was destroyed, except for the peak of one mountain. A man and his sister, along with several animals, escaped to the high mountain, and there survived. However, there was nowhere to go. So they asked the sea-god to bring the waters back down. The sea-god answered them: ”I will bring the waters back down, if you can throw me a creature whose hairs I cannot number.”

So the man and his wife threw a pig into the waves, but the sea-god could number the hairs of the pig. So they then threw in a goat, but the sea-god could count those, too. They then threw a dog, and then a hen, but the sea-god counted both of them. Finally, they  threw in a cat, and this was more than the sea-god could take. So he agreed that the waters would be returned to their place. After that, an osprey flew over the mountain, sprinkling dirt on the water. The dirt became dry land, and the man and his sister were able to descend the mountain.

(Source: Charles Martin’s book, Flood Legends, pages 142)