The Flood Legend According to the Montagnais People from Hudson Bay

A race of giants was destroying the earth, and God, angry hudson_bay_montagnaiswith them for it, commanded a man to build a very large canoe. The man did as he was told, and as soon as he entered it, the water rose on all sides, until no land could be seen in any direction.

Bored with the scenery, the man told an otter to dive into the waters and see what he could find. The otter returned with a piece of earth. The man took the earth in his hand and breathed on it, and it began to grow. So he laid it on the water, kept it from sinking, and watched as it continued to grow. As it grew, the man saw that it was becoming an island.

So he placed a reindeer on it, and the reindeer ran around in a circle, making a quick circuit about enough, so he continued to blow on it. In time, all of the lakes, mountains, and rivers were formed, and the man knew it was time to leave the canoe.

(Source: Martin, Charles. Flood Legends. pp. 138-139)