The Flood Legend According to the Kaska Indians of British Columbia

There was once a flood, which covered the whole earth. The sky grew British_Columbia_map_north_americavery dark, and the winds kicked up fiercely. Some people quickly took canoes, and others quickly made rafts, and when the wind came, it separated the people, blowing them every which way.

When the waters finally receded, the people all found that they had landed far from each other, so that not one family could see another. When the earth became dry enough to build upon, they settled where they had landed. Most people probably thought they were the only ones who had survived.

Many years later, when they finally did begin to meet other people, everyone discovered that no one spoke the same language! This is the reason that there are so many tribes and languages.

Before the flood, you see, there was but one tribe, and everyone lived together and spoke the same language.

(Source: Martin, Charles. Flood Legends. pp. 134-135)