Evidence for Young Earth from the Globe

Magnetic Field Decay

In 1835, a German physicist, K. F. Gauss, made the first measurements Earth-Magnetic-Field-Diagramof the Earth’s magnetic dipole – the strength of the Earth’s internal magnet. Additional evaluations have been carried out every decade since that time. Dr. Thomas G. Barnes, a physicist teacher at the University of Texas, working with data collected over the past 135 years, pointed out that the Earth’s magnetic field is gradually decaying. Furthermore, it is decreasing exponentially. On the basis of facts obtained from 1835 to 1965, magnetic field appears to lose half of its strength within 1400 years. So, 7000 years ago the Earth would have a magnetic field 32 times stronger than now. The more powerful magnetic field is, the more heat it generates. 20000 years ago, enough Joule heat would have been generated to liquefy the Earth. One million years ago our planet would have had greater magnetism than all celestial objects in the universe, and it would have vaporized.

The over-all intensity of the field is declining at a rate of 26 nanoteslas per year ..
 If the rate of decline were to continue steadily, the field strength would reach zero in 1200 years.
(Magnetic Field Declining, from Science News, June 28, 1980)

Magnetic field is not subject to environmental changes, since it is generated deep in the Earth’s interior. Its consistent decay is therefore one of the strongest pieces of evidence that the Earth is less than 10000 years old. Exactly as the Bible says.